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These are the 45 highest-yielding "dividend aristocrats"; an elite group of some of the safest dividend stocks that income investors can imagine. Although many of these. To help identify the best dividend growth stocks in the Dow and avoid the GEs of the world, research firm Simply Safe Dividends utilizes a. That allows us to filter for high dividend stocks with a 'strong buy' consensus from confidence in the company's long-term growth prospects.

The best dividend growth stocks are sometimes called Dividend Aristocrats. I plan to keep buying these dividend growth stocks and hold them into my retirement. Get a complete list of stocks with at least 25 years of increasing dividends, and access Select the one that best describes you.. While this is not bad for a normal dividend growth stock, this is very low for a REIT.

The company. We appear to be in the seventh or eight inning of this growth cycle. Investing in stocks with healthy dividend yields and high dividend payouts build a diversified portfolio comprising both growth and dividend stocks. After nine consecutive years of payout increases, this stock looks to be for dividend stocks is to settle on companies with the highest dividend yields.

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You can read any ebooks you wanted like 35 Top Dividend. Growth Stocks English Edition in simple step and you can save it now. Nice ebook you must read is. The next dividend payment from Coca-Cola comes will be for 35 cents. The combination of a high yield and consistent dividend growth in stocks is what has. I personally pick growth stocks that pay dividends. Each month, I publish. Philip Morris has been negatively impacted by a strong U.

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In the most recent quarter, its revenue declined by 2. Were it not for a strong U.

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Although shipment volumes were roughly flat for cigarettes, heated tobacco units experienced double-digit growth by climbing Still, heated tobacco units are a small part of the business — only making up roughly 6. Philip Morris currently offers a juicy dividend yield of 5. And, the company expects adjusted EPS to increase again in , which will further boost the sustainability of the dividend.

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Philip Morris trades at The company appears to be fairly valued relative to its historical average valuation levels. Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the fact that many people cannot go without their medications. Further, pharmaceutical companies have the ability to raise prices on key drugs. Because of this, healthcare stocks like Pfizer have proven to be stable dividend payers. Pfizer has a strong oncology portfolio and has been spending a large portion of its investments in this area.

Currently, it has 18 approved cancer medicines and biosimilars and up to 20 potential approvals expected by The drug manufacturer has historically generated pretty stable earnings through economic cycles. Wonderful has Pfizer as a top 10 holding. Pfizer trades at The company appears to be fairly valued. The stock offers a dividend yield of 3. Despite the oil and gas price collapse in that left energy companies with a much more challenging environment to operate in, Chevron still managed to increase its dividend at a compound annual growth rate of 2.

At the start of , Chevron increased its dividend per share by 6.


A RDS. Wonderful is a fan of Home Depot. The company has long been a leading operator in its industry and passes its financial success onto its shareholders in the form of steadily rising dividend payments. Fiscal was another successful year for Home Depot.

2. How to generate dividend income?

The home improvement retailer saw sales increase by 7. We think Home Depot will handsomely reward long-term investors who buy the dividend growth stock on meaningful dips. The technology sector is a surprisingly good source of dividend stocks such as Intel. The company has a market-beating 2.

The first is memory. As an existing leader in this market, Intel is likely to benefit from growth in this fast-growing segment of the technology industry. From fiscal to , net sales fell The strategy to spur growth has started to bear fruit. In fact, adjusted earnings-per-share bottomed in fiscal Cost cutting and focusing on core brands helped boost profitability and growth.